Tips for Camping with Pets

July 30, 2020

Bringing your beloved pets on your weekend trip to the campground can seem daunting.  Ensuring that your pets are safe is of the utmost importance when spending time in the great outdoors.  Though this list is far from comprehensive, following these tips will start you on the road towards having a great camping trip with your beloved furry friend.

  • Make sure that the campground that you will be staying at allows pets.

Ensuring that your animals are welcome is an important first step in planning your camping trip.  Check the website of the park or campground that you are visiting for information about pets.  If you’re still concerned, don’t hesitate to call the main office to ask whether your pup is welcome at the campground.

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  • Pack enough of your pet’s stuff for the entirety of the trip.

Before you leave, make a list of all of the things your dog needs on a daily basis.  Write down every treat they eat, every toy they use, and the bed that they crash into at the end of the night.  Bring enough dog food and fresh water for the entirety of the trip.

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  • Make sure that your RV is in good shape, and ensure that you have enough RV insurance.

With a pet tagging along on your RV trip, you have a lot to worry about.  Making sure that your RV is in the best possible shape will help you enjoy your camping trip.  Make sure that your gas tank is full before you hit the road.  And, before you go, talk to your insurance agent about your RV insurance coverage, and make sure you have enough protection.

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  • Take a Pet First Aid course before you go.

The Red Cross offers a thirty five minute course on Cat & Dog First Aid online.  For just twenty five dollars, you can learn the basics of first aid for your pets in critical emergency situations.  The link to the course is below: 

Cat & Dog First Aid Online Training

Using these tips, you are starting on the road towards having a relaxing and fun camping trip with your furry friend.  What other tips do you have for camping with pets?

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