Inland Marine Insurance

Inland Marine Insurance is a type of commercial insurance that covers any business materials that are transported overland.

This can include any products or equipment that rely on transportation by trucks or trains. Often, Inland Marine insurance covers any valuable business property that might not be covered by a typical Business Owner’s Policy.

Does my business need Inland Marine Insurance coverage?

If your business relies on land transportation in order to transport your products or equipment, it is likely that Inland Marine Insurance would be a good fit for you. Investing in Inland Marine Insurance coverage can help to ensure that your valuable items are protected in the event of such disasters as theft or fire damage. If your business has movable property, it is likely that Inland Marine insurance would be a good fit for you.

What is usually covered by an Inland Marine Insurance policy?

Different businesses have different needs for their Inland Marine Insurance policy. Many small and mid-sized businesses in Ohio rely on Inland Marine Insurance to cover any movable personal computers, tools, photography equipment, construction equipment, and more.

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